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Programmes régionaux


It was in response to the reports of the Committee on the Rights of the Child that the continuing education certificates or "Certificates of Advanced Studies" (CAS) were initiated back in 2017. These reports called for university training on children's rights for professionals. In response to these recommendations, several CAS have been set up in Francophone Africa as well as in Latin America.

Various regional MOOCs have also been produced by the International Child Rights Institute, such as the adapted for Swiss professionals, which will start in January 2024.

CAS Juvenile Justice


Partner(s) : Interfaculty Centre for Children's Rights of the University of Geneva (UNIGE), Terre des hommes, Save the Children


Target group : Professionals working with children and adolescents in conflict or in contact with the law: police officers, prosecutors, judges, lawyers, staff of public and penal institutions, educators, psychologists, doctors (pediatricians, child psychiatrists, etc.), criminologists, migration professionals, actors of non-governmental organizations and international organizations, researchers.


Objectives :


  • To train professionals in the understanding and implementation of juvenile justice based on a restorative and reparative approach;
  • To know the different tools and methods of intervention centered on the rights of the child;
  •  To develop projects and interventions with children in conflict or in contact with the law while respecting the rights of the child.





Language : Spanish


Format : face-to-face and distance learning, between 3 and 4 modules depending on the edition


Diploma obtained : Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in juvenile justice


Remarks : More information at


CAS in Child Protection and Rights

Title of training course : CAS in child protection and children's rights



Partner(s): Interfaculty Center for Children's Rights of the UNIGE and Institute of Human Rights and Peace of the UCAD, Dakar (Senegal)



Target audience: professionals in the field of children's rights in West Africa who work with and for children or who are involved in the defense of child.




  • To acquire interdisciplinary theoretical and practical knowledge, scientifically based, in children's rights in the fields of law, sociology, pedagogy, psychology, social work, education, public health, ethics;
  • To be familiar with tools that allow for the evaluation of the best interests of the child and the taking into account of his/her voice;
  • To develop skills to apprehend difficult situations with an approach based on children's legal rights, taking into account the economic and socio-cultural context;
  • Develop a critical reflection on one's own practice, on ethics and professional duties and acquire a work methodology;
  • Acquire new skills, particularly networking with an interdisciplinary and interprofessional approach.




Language : French



Location : Dakar (Senegal)



Format: Face-to-face and distance learning, 4 modules of 5 days



Diploma obtained : Certificate of ADvanced Studies (CAS) in Child Protection and Children's Rights



Remarks: more information on

Master of Advanced Studies in Children's Rights

Title of training course

  • Master of Advanced Studies
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies 


Partner(s) : Interfaculty Center for Children's Rights of the UNIGE and Institute of Human Rights and Peace of the UCAD


Target audience:

  • MAS : Students following a course in international human rights law who wish to focus on children's rights.



  • CAS : Professionals working in the field of children's rights (lawyers, psychologists, sociologists, judges, social workers, state representatives, journalists, researchers).



Language: English


Format: Face-to-face


More informations:







University Master's degree


Title of training course: Interdisciplinary Master in Children's Rights



Partner(s): CIDE (UNIGE)



Target public: students from various disciplines



Language : French



Format : Face-to-face



Remarks : more information on :

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

MOOC Horn of Africa

Training title : Through the Horn of Africa: Take action for the rights of the child



Target Audience : Professionals working with and for children or involved in the defense of children's legal rights in the Horn of Africa



Objectives :


  • Participants adapt their professional practices to better respect and protect the rights of children;


  • Participants form a learning community, where they exchange information and support each other, analyze their experiences and share good practices.



Language : English



Diploma obtained : certificate of participation



Format : online

Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

MOOC Children's Human Rights


Title of the training course: MOOC Children's human rights: an interdisciplinary introduction



Partner(s): CIDE (UNIGE)



Target group: any interested person